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PAW Plans

For a limited time only! Sign up for a wellness plan during the month of July and receive a 50% discount on the enrollment fee! Give us a call to sign up or learn more.


Pet Annual Wellness (PAW) Plans are not insurance plans. Instead, PAW Plans allow for monthly payments over a 12-month period on recommended health care services. Some services in PAW Plans include comprehensive wellness exams, vaccinations, lab tests, and additional services like dental cleanings or spay and neuter, depending on the selected plan level.

Paw plans dog and cat laying next to each other.

Program Features:

  • Discounted preventive care services

  • Flexibility to spread the cost of care over time

  • Additional discounts on non-plan professional services

  • Tailored for all life stages

  • Automatically renews each year

Why Choose PAW Plans?:

Managing your pet’s health is extremely important. PAW Plans allow you to budget for your pet’s health by offering convenient monthly payments on the plan your pet’s veterinarian recommends.